Audunn Jonsson Totals 1117.5 and Benedikt Magnusson Pulls 410

It wasn't just powerlifting fans who were interested in the Icelandic Powerlifting Championships today.

With an 1100-kg total within the grasp of both Audunn Jonsson and Benedikt Magnusson, there was plenty of reason to be excited, but the real buzz was about Benedikt Magnusson, who was going for the all-time heaviest deadlift, a feat of strength that transcends the politics of powerlifting.

Audunn Jonsson squatted 432.5 kg, benched 300 kg and deadlifted 385 kg for a total of 1117.5 kg and the title. Benedikt Magnusson squatted 405 kg, benched 275 kg and deadlifted 410, before "just missing" 425!

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