Assad Wins the 105s

Vancouver, British Columbia – Said Saif Assad (Qatar) won the 105-kg category tonight at the World Weightlifting Championships with 195/227.5 as the string of injuries continued.

Denis Gotfrid (Ukraine), one the pre-contest favorites, dislocated his arm on his third attempt snatch (195 kg), opening the door for the other top competitors.  Vladimir Smorchkov (Russia), lifting in the A-session for a change, won the gold medal in the snatch with 195 kg, bumping Assad on body weight, and Gotfrid got the bronze for his 192.5 kg second attempt.  Alan Tsagaev (Bulgaria), who had missed 185 kg three times in the snatch, opened with a strong 230 in the clean and jerk, and his second attempt 235 held up for the gold medal in the clean and jerk.

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