Asian Weightlifting Championships: More Gold For China, Kim (PRK) Wins the 69s in Dramatic Finish

Almaty, Kazakhstan – China continued its winning ways at the Asian Weightlifting Championships today, but North Korean Kim Chol Jin pulled out the stops and won the 69s on the final attempt of the class, breaking China's perfect streak.

In the men's 62-kg category, Chinese teammates Shi Zhiyong, the snatcher, faced off with Le Maosheng, the clean and jerker.  In the snatches, Le made 140 and 145, but passed on his third attempt, while Shi nailed 145, 150 and 152.5 kg. 

Shi, a squat jerker, opened with 167.5, for a good lift, and then missed the jerk on 172.5, but came back to make it, for a 320-kg total.  Le took 172.5 on his first attempt, cleaned the weight, but dumped it after standing up, appearing to be passing out.  He moved up to 175 on his second attempt, for a good lift, took 180 in a bid to win on bodyweight, but missed the jerk.

In the women's 58-kg category, China's Sun Caiyan swept the gold medals with 100/130, holding off Thai lifter Junpim Kuntatean, who did 97.5/125.

In the men's 69-kg category, Chen Chufu (China) ended the snatches with 150 kg, followed by Kim Chol Jin (North Korea) at 142.5, but Kim had the body weight advantage.  Both lifters opened in the clean and jerk with successes at 175 kg, and then Chen made a good lift with 180, while Kim did likewise with 182.5.  Chen cleaned 185 kg on his third attempt, but missed the jerk. With all the marbles on the line, Kim took 187.5 on his third attempt, made it, and won two gold medals (clean and jerk, total) for his efforts—a great ending to the second day of lifting at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

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