Asian Weightlifting Championships: China Sweeps the Gold Medals on Day One

Almaty, Kazakhstan – The powerhouse Chinese weightlifting team opened the first day of the 2004 Asian Weightlifting Championships with a bang, winning all nine gold medals awarded today.

In the women's 48-kg category, Li Zhuo snatched 90 kg, and cleaned and jerked 115 kg. 

In the 56-kg men's category, Wu Meijin did 127.5/165 in convincing style and proved that he is within striking range of the world record in the clean and jerk.

Finishing the day in grand style for her team, Deng Jianying, after snatching 95 kg, first broke the junior world record in the clean and jerk on her second attempt, with 122.5, and then hit 125 on her third, for another junior world record in the clean and jerk, plus a junior world record in the total.

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