Asanidze Wins 85s

(Antalya, Turkey) In a large, competitive 85-kg class, Georgi Asanidze (GEO) emerged as king of the hill at the World Weightlifting Championships today.

Gagik Khachatryan (ARM) won the battle for the gold medal in the snatch, with his 180-kg lift. Asanidze was pushed to the silver on bodyweight, and Anishchanka (BLR) got the bronze for his 177.5 kg snatch. In the clean and jerk, Asanidze made 207 and 210, before missing the jerk on 215, and his lift gave him the gold in the jerk, bumping Ernesto Quiroga on bodyweight, and the gold in the total. Anishchanka got the bronze in both the jerk, with 207.5 kg, and the total, with 385 kg.

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