Asandize Sizzles, Kolecki Cooks...

Facing a field that included Gardev and Dimas, Asandize (GEO) turned in a sizzling performance to win the 85s at the European Weightlifting Championships. After snatching a world record 181, Asandize cleaned and jerked 210 for a 390 total. Gardev (BUL) was second with 175/210 and Mishkovets (RUS) was third with 170/205.The much anticipated battle between Petrov, Kahkiasvilis and Kolecki never materialized in the 94s as, first, Kahkiasivilis was unable to start, due to the flu, and then Kolecki proved to be red hot. Petrov (RUS) did 175/215 for a respectable 390 total, and a fourth place finish. Vacarciuc (MDA) picked up second, via 170/225 for a 395 total, and Sudas (TUR) was third, with 175/215. Polish teenager Kolecki was cooking from the start, first nailing a 180 snatch and then punching up a 232.5 jerk for a huge 412.5 total.

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