Arnold Strongman: Mark Henry Won the Wheels, Andy Bolton the Deadlift

Kicking off the strongman contest at the Arnold Classic today with two events, Mark Henry moved into first place overall.

Henry won the Apollon's Wheels, making three reps in the allotted time; Mark Philippi was the only other competitor to complete a lift, and he got one rep.  Andy Bolton won the deadlift event.

Points at the end of the first day, through two events, are: 1) Henry, 15 points; 2) Philippi, 12 points; 3) Gillingham, 10 points; 4) Bolton, 9 points; 5) Karlsen, 8-1/2 points; 6) Pfister, 7-1/2 points; 7) Bergmanis, 6 points; 8) Schoonveld, 4 points.

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