Arnold Strongman: Event Changes, Grip Event for 2010

Dr. Terry Todd has announced the events for the 2010 Arnold Strongman contest, confirmed some of the competitors and also described the grip events that are being added to the program.

For the strongman contest, the Tire Deadlift and Manhood Stone will be unchanged.  The Apollon’s Wheels will use a rising bar format with the weight increasing to from 166 to 206 kg, at which point it will be maximum reps in 90 seconds.  The Circus Dumbbell will see a weight increase to 103 kg.  The Timber Carry will be increased to approximately 450 kg, the ramp will be flat and straps can be used.

Zydrunas Savickas, Derek Poundstone, Phil Pfister, Brian Siders, Brian Shaw and Travis Ortmayer have confirmed, Todd said, and Mariusz Pudzianowski has been invited.

Mighty Mitts will be a new feature, featuring feats of grip strength.  The events are:

Jowett Anvil: deadlift the 163-lb. anvil by its horn
Sorin’s Monster: deadlift a 500-lb. barbell with a 2-inch diameter handle
Inch by Inch: walk for distance with an Inch replica dumbbell in each hand
Mark Henry Bell: lift the 300-lb dumbbell with a 2.5-inch diameter handle out of its box
Gama Club: lever an 80-pound Indian Club

According to Todd’s press release, “The winner of each of these challenges will earn $1,000 as well as lasting fame, and his name will be placed on a plaque at the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Texas.”

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