Arnold Adds Heavyweight Women to Lineup

“ASC will be adding the Heavyweight women to the already successful Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships and the Strongman Fitness® World Championships,” Dione Wessels told IronMind today.

“Kim Zimmerman is one one of America's strongest women,” said Dione Wessels.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Ironmill/ASC.
“Kim Zimmerman is one one of America's strongest women,” said Dione Wessels.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Ironmill/ASC.

“It will be called the Arnold Strong-woman Classic!  The Arnold is a perfect and deserved platform for the best female athletes in the world to compete. 

“The Arnold Strong-woman Classic will take place as part of the Arnold Sports Festival February 27, 2014–March 2, 2014. We are still working on the logistics of the contest, but as many as 10 United States women and representatives from across the world will compete.

“This is a great chance to see Kristin Rhodes ‘The reigning American Champion, World Champion and Guinness Record Holde’ compete alongside Nina Geria of the Ukraine, ‘The reigning World's Strongest Woman and Guinness record holder’ compete against each other.

“We are hoping to get many of the top female athletes come in to compete and see which woman ail lay claim to the title of the Strongest Woman in the World!!!,” said Wessels.


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