Are Finnish Strongmen Learning to Speak English?

Jyrki Rantanen asked that question, tongue in cheek, as he explained, “During the years the Finns have heard complaining about their bad English (even it´s not the baddest ones)  . . . guess what, they have taken the steps forward while writing out the Strongest Man in Finland webpage also in English.”

In other words, now you can read Finnish strongman news in English, sort of.

“The association has been working with strongman TV shows for a quarter of a century and we are now looking more co-operation worldwide.  The English is not university type, but it´s the better version of bad strongman English,” explained Rantanen, who manages international relations in the Strongest Man in Finland Association.

Check it out:

“I have been personally complaining on the Ironmind Forum about the lack of information in the strength business almost everywhere in the world–we do our best to change it via better information to the athletes and co-operators.

“In the pages mentioned above you can find short info about the history of strongman/women in Finland, along with the newest info concerning the competitions in Finland, photos from the past 10 years of competition (and we are also scanning the oldies in, too, in the future),” Rantanen said, so stay tuned for more developments.

Hienoa työtä–kiitos!

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