Anthony Clarino Certifies on the IronMind Red Nail

An iron will helped Anthony Clarino succeed in certifying on the IronMind Red Nail—a steel bend known worldwide. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Anthony Clarino

Anthony Clarino credits his stubbornness for serving him well in his quest to certify on the IronMind Red Nail, a benchmark steel bend.

Asked for a bio, this is what Anthony told IronMind:

“I'm 28 years old, 165 pounds and 5'7''. I work in Facilities Management in New York, NY. One of my biggest interests/hobbies is weight lifting and grip training. I have been lifting weights for the better part of a decade, training each bodypart once a week in a bodybuilding-like style. I started including grip work into my training about three years ago, and began competing in Gripsport competitions. Several of the friends I made from there told me about short-steel bending, and suggested I give it a shot. After the King Kong International Grip Challenge in October 2014, I made it my number 1 goal to certify on the Ironmind Red Nail.
“I typically bend one to two times a week along with my other full-body training. Sometimes I like to switch things up and work just one aspect of the bend at a time (kink several bars one day, put them down and then finish them off another day). On my first day bending, I was only able to bend a green nail. A few weeks later, I moved up to the yellow and blue nails. I then hit a brick wall with the Red Nail. 

“For many months, I would be able to put a kink in it, only to be stopped by the final crush. I just did not have the upper body strength necessary to finish the bend. At this point, I became discouraged. I knew that only a handful of other men have certified on the Red Nail at such a low body weight, and I wondered if I had taken on a task that would be impossible for me to see to the finish. But I am stubborn and what I may lack in size, I make up for with heart. I did not give up, I kept on training until one day, I shocked myself and completed my first Red Nail bend. From that point on, it became easier and easier, and I was finally ready to certify.
“I'd like to thank IronMind, and my referee, Cesare ‘Chez’ Ricchezza. I'd also like to thank all of my friends and family for all their support and words of encouragement, it has meant the world to me. I dedicate this certification to the person I respect most in this world, my mother.
“As far as training goals for the future, I will continue to bend steel and compete in Gripsport. I qualified for the NAGS Nationals this year, and I plan to be there. I would also like to certify on the No. 3 Captains of Crush gripper someday.”

Many thanks for refereeing, Chez, and congratulations, Anthony—your name has been added to the Red Nail Roster.

And if you’re up to the challenge and want to make a little history yourself, here are the rules for certifying on the IronMind Red Nail.

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