Andy Vincent Wins MHP Olympia's Strongest Man

The Slater Stone over the Bar, the final event of the contest, decided who won the MHP Olympia’s Strongest Man contest, and it was Andy Vincent who took home the title in Las Vegas tonight.

“Van [Hatfield] needed to place no lower than third to win the contest,” American Strongman Corporation (ASC) president Dione Wessels told IronMind.  “Andy Vincent tied with Tamas Malatkinski for first and Van tied with John Conner and Matt Dawson for 3rd.  The three-way tie caused a split in points with Andy getting the 1/2 point causing a tie between him and Van.  On the countback, Andy wins with 4 total wins to Van's 3.”

Here are the top five:

1. Andy Vincent
2. Van Hatfield
3. John conner
4. Matt Dawson
5. David Hansen 

Full results will be posted on the official American Strongman Corportation website.

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