Andy Vincent Leads Olympia’s Strongest Man

“After three events, Andy Vincent leads by half a point,” Dione Wessels reported to IronMind® from the Olympia’s Strongest Man contest, “and Van Hatfield is second.”

“The first event was a last-man-standing on the Slater Pro Log.  Five athletes succeeded at 400 pounds while Van Hatfield and Scott Weech were the only two athletes to get 440 pounds!  The second event was the House of Pain Yoke and Barrel Medley.  The yoke was 900 pounds and the barrels were filled with water which causes difficulty for most.  The third event was the Slater Atlas stone run.  The stones were 300 pounds up to 410 pounds, on the run.  Several athletes completed 4 stones and Andy Vincent was the only athlete to finish all 5 stones.

“The show was flawless with a very large crowd of over 3,000 cheering the athletes on. Today we start at noon and will have four events.  We will also find out who is the MHP Olympia's Strongest Man,” said Wessels.

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