American Strongman Exhibition Opens New York Auto Show

Match four strongmen, 20 cars and America's largest auto show and what you have is a new twist on the classic strongman pulling event.

The four strongmen are Gerard Benderoth, Ben Lambousis, Skeet Dunn and Brett Somerville, and they will be divided into two teams, one 105-kg competitor and one heavyweight competitor per team. Hook up two lines of 10 cars each, and now the fun begins: The teams battle each other as they pull for maximum distance, one member from each team giving it his best shot before passing the harness to his teammate.

"Also on tap, is the 'American Strongman Challenge', which pits the athletes against each other to see who can deadlift a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 the most times in one minute," according to the official press release.

This event is on Saturday, April 11, at 10:00 at the New York International Auto Show (Jacob Javits Center, 11th Avenue at 36th Street). For full details on American Strongman Corporation (ASC) events, please go to the American Strongman website.

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