American Strongman Corporation (ASC): Jason Kristal Wins U.S. Nationals

"Jason Kristal is the 2008 America's Strongest Man," American Strongman president Dione Wessels told IronMind®, as Kristal moved up from third place after the first day of competition to claim the title at the ASC U.S. National Championships yesterday.

Jason Bergmann was second, Van Hatfield was third and Nick Best was fourth. The following places were: Marshall White, Tom McClure, Brad Dunn, Nick Brugal, John Conner, Gerard Benderoth, Dan Ford, Chad Coy, Brian Turner, Warrick Brant, and Ryan Bakke.

"It was a great show; all of the athletes displayed pure guts the entire two days. Mike Johnston and I appreciated all of those who came out, including the staff, Bill Kazmaier, and the fans who were glued to their seats for two days."

This was a two-day competition and things got off to a big start on day one: "Impressive highlights were Nick Best with 15 reps on the two-inch axle deadlift for reps," Wessels told IronMind®, "and the stone for height was the highlight of the day.

"It was a last-man-standing event, and a crowd favorite! Newcomer John Conner and Jason Kristal stayed in up to 70 inches with a 365-pound stone. And the most impressive was Tom McClure, with the 360-pound stone at 70 inches."

At the end of the first day, "the overall top three were Tom McClure in first, with a 6-point lead, followed by Jason Bergmann, second, and Jason Kristal in third."

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