American Strongman Corporation: 2010 Calendar

American Strongman Corporation (ASC) president Dione Wessels has released the strongman organization’s 2010 calendar, which includes the America's Strongest Man® US Nationals Qualifying Tour.

IronMind News: American Strongman Corporation has announced some of its major strongman competitions for 2010.  Logo courtesy of Dione Wessels/ASC.
American Strongman Corporation has announced some of its major strongman competitions for 2010.  Logo courtesy of Dione Wessels/ASC.

The America’s Strongest Man® U.S. National Qualifying tour leads up to the America’s Strongest Man® contest, which will be held in conjunction with the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas on November 24 - 25. 

Here are the major events already on the 2010 ASC calendar, with the Europa Show of Champions contest in Orlando being the first of “three preliminary events for the America’s Strongest Man® U.S. Nationals Qualifying Tour 2010 . . . The other two preliminary events will held between May and July with dates and locations to be announced,” according to an ASC press release:

Columbus, Ohio: March 5 - 7 (Arnold Classic)
Orlando, Florida: April 16 - 17 (Europa Show of Champions)
Hartford, Connecticut: July 23 - 24 (Europa Battle of Champions)
Hot Springs, Arkansas: August 7 - 8 (US Nationals, Summit Arena)
Dallas, Texas: August 13 - 14 (Europa Super Show)
Las Vegas, Nevada:  September 24 - 25 (Mr Olympia, America's Strongest Man®)

The Amateur Strongman World Championships at the 2010 Arnold kicking things off in a big way and Dione Wessels  told IronMind®, “Our goal is that this will be the first year of many years, for the Amateur World Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival.”

“None of this would be possible,” said Wessels, “without the support of many athletes, promoters, state chairs, and event organizers all over the world that believe in the NAS/ASC system.  When looking at the top five to ten athletes in the world, ASC athletes fill half of the list, which proves that the system works.”

For more details, please visit the official ASC website.



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