American Hercules: The Stage is Set

With the top three Americans going on to World's Strongest Man (WSM), the stakes are high at this weekend's "American Hercules" strongman competition.

Chad Coy, who organized this contest and will be competing in it, said, "This is a true championships other than Karl [Gillingham], all the top Americans will be here.  When the dust settles, the top three guys are going to be really good."  Coy thinks this will be a big year for the American competitors who go on to the World's Strongest Man show.

"You're going to see five Americans that do really well at World's Strongest Man," Coy said.  Karl Gillingham and Phil Pfister have already qualified for this year's World's Strongest Man show, but the remaining three slots will be based on performances at the "American Hercules" and while there are certainly some favorites in the field, anything could happen this weekend.

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