American Competitor for World's Strongest Man Contest

The latest official word has been that one American competitor would be going to the 2004 World's Strongest Man (WSM) contest, with the selection being based on performances in Riga and at the US Nationals.

With Steve Kirit making the finals in Riga and finishing in seventh place, he is the leading American candidate for WSM at the moment, but reports indicate that no selection will be made until after the US Nationals.  Further reinforcing the importance of the US Nationals for World's Strongest Man selection, participation in the US Nationals is reportedly a requirement for eligibility for the 2004 WSM contest, so that any American competitor who would like to compete in WSM this year must compete in the US Nationals. For details on the US National Championships, please check the official IFSA-USA web site at and the official NAS web site.

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