Amateur World’s Strongest Man Deal Announced

“Yes . . . We have signed the agreement so it’s official,” IMG Senior Licensing Manager Carl Lawrence confirmed for IronMind today when asked about the amateur World’s Strongest Man (WSM).

On the other side of the table is Michael King. 

“We are located in South Florida and we own [the] 2 largest CrossFit gyms which are 4,200 and 6,000 square feet,” King told IronMind.  “We are known for our strength program and we also do much strong man training.

“Mr. Lawrance and I are currently in the process of putting an amateur World Strongest Man program together for the US market.  Part of our program will include new facilities” King explained to IronMind last month, and with ink dry on the contract now, here are some initial details.

“We signed a contract with IMG to be the licensing body of World Strongest Man facilities in the US,” said King.  “The program we are putting together and will be launching is going to consist of strength and conditioning, power training as well as strongman training.”

King said, “we plan to have at least 20–30 when we launch.”


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