Amateur Strongman Contest at the Arnold Next Year

Confirming an earlier report, the Arnold Sports Festival has announced that North American Strongman (NAS) “will join forces with The Arnold Sports Festival to present the 2010 Arnold Amateur Strongman.”

According to the press release, “The competition will feature a selection of up to 50 amateur strongman athletes from around the world.  Ten top amateur strongmen from the United States and Canada are expected to compete, including Texas’s Ryan Bracewell and Dan Harrison of California.”

Dr. Terry Todd was quoted as being “in full support of this new event” and saying, “We intend to invite the winner of the event to take part in the 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic.”

NAS president and CEO Dione Wessels said, “Athletes will qualify for the Arnold Amateur Strongman at July’s America’s Strongest Man contest in Bangor, Maine and October’s Amateur National Championships in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Additional spots will be determined in partnership with sanctioning bodies across the world.”

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