All Nations: Team Ukraine, Team Germany

In the second session of day 6, Team Ukraine breaks the USA's stone loading time for all six stones with a time of 6 stones in 152.44 seconds! Team Germany manages to only complete 3 stones in 103.87 seconds.

Team Germany is up first in the Log for reps. They complete 6 reps, so Team Ukraine completes 7 reps for the win.

The third event is the Island Stone walk for distance. Team Germany completes 253' total, not leaving a large mark for Team Ukraine to beat. Team Ukraine completes a distance of 301' for the win in the event, winning three to zero against Team Germany.

The fourth event is the Four Man Sudan walk, and Team Germany only has three men to do this event since one man is out with a hand injury. They manage to move the implement 3'8" so Team Ukraine says that in honor of Germany's injury, they will also do the event with three men. After two unsuccessful attempts, they put all four men in and win the event with 100'.

The next event is the Strongman wrestling. After wrestling around for over a minute, Team Ukraine takes the first victory. Vasyl comes out on the second bout and takes the win for Team Ukraine.

The 6th event is the Pole Push. Team Ukraine quickly defeats Team German in this event. In the second pole push, it takes a little more effort, but Team Ukraine manages to force Germany out again.

The 7th and final event is the wt. for Ht. Team Germany finishes the day off with 2 implements in 37.74 seconds. Team Ukraine comes out to win the event with 4 implements in 47.33 seconds.

Team Ukraine makes a clean sweep winning all seven events, and advancing on to the finals on Saturday against Team UK. Team USA will be in third overall.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS

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