All Nations: Team USA Versus Team UK

Continuing to give everyone a bird's eye view of what's going on at the All Nations strongman competition, Dione Wessels calls the action for us in the second session of day three.

"Team UK against Team USA is set for the second session of day three. Team UK fails to get the Black stone loaded after an unsuccessful attempt by newcomer Mark Felix. Team USA comes in and although their times are slower, Phil Pfister finishes the Island Stone load off by loading the Black stone (6th) for the win. USA wins event number one.

On the second event, the log lift, Team USA goes first and locks out an easy 12 repetitions, setting a number for Team USA. Team USA starts off the log lift with Jon Andersen, Van Hatfield, and Steve Kirit. Van and Steve are on the outside, with Jon in the middle, and Phil giving the calls. Team USA finishes with 10 repetitions, losing a rep due to a lockout on the 11th rep. The two teams are now tied with one win each.

On the third event, Team USA failed to get the 5th implement, and Team UK threw the first four much faster with a time of 47.06 over the USA's time of 59.23 so Team UK has two wins to the USA's one.

On the fourth event, USA leads off in the All Strength Stone Carry, and Jon Andersen and Phil Pfister step up to the challenge. Jon starts off and finishes the first leg of the stone with an amazing 300'. Pfister completes the second leg with 314' giving the team a total distance of 614'. Team UK starts out with Brian Turner and completes a distance on the 1st leg with about 250' and Mark Felix finishes the 2nd leg off with a total distance of 437'6" so now Team USA has evened it up with two wins each.

The fifth event is wrestling, with Steve Kirit up for the USA team. Steve quickly pins his opponent for the 1st victory of three. For the second match, Phil Pfister, wrestles against Mark Felix, with Felix and Pfister both going down, so the referees have to look at a replay in what appears to have Felix going for the throw, but Pfister landing on top. The referees call the match a draw, so it is Mark and Phil again. Keep in mind that the current temperature is 110 degrees F. Team UK takes the win, and ties it at 1-1. For the third match, it will be Van Hatfield and Brian Turner. Turner tries to trip Hatfield, but Hatfield out powers him, spins him, and pins him for the win. The USA is now up 3 events to two.

The next event is the Pole Push and Team UK dominates Team USA in the best two of three of the pole push. The score is now tied three to three.

The last event is the four man Sudan walk. The Americans gut it out with an amazing time of 38.96 seconds. Hatfield has a pulled hamstring, but gutted it out all the way. Team UK sprints with a time of 36.27 secs and takes the win over the USA."

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