All Nations: Team UK and Team Netherlands

"We finished up today's events with Team UK and Team Netherlands from yesterday," Dione Wessels said.  In the Island Stones, Team Netherlands started the day off and completed five stones in 156.15 minutes and Mark Felix from Team UK does it again loading the 6th stone in 206.29 seconds for the win.

The 5th event for the group was the Log Press for reps. Team Netherlands completed 5 repetitions, and Team UK came out to complete 6 repetitions for the win.

The sixth event group was the Sudan Walk. Team UK failed to carry the implement the entire distance due to a torn callous. Team Netherlands takes the win, finishing in a time of 105.18 secs.

On the All Strength Stone, Team Netherlands also takes the win completing 516' over Team UK's 150'.

Also, on the wrestling for the USA, Steve lost because he tried to throw Travis, tripped, and landed on his back first.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS

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