All Nations: Correction and Update

Check here for a correction on the Strongman Wrestling results and the latest on Team USA versus Team Canada.

[For Strongman Wrestling] I should have said Van Hatfield against Brad Carty; Geoff Dolan Pins Phil Pfister, and Travis Lyndon pinned Steve Kirit.

Also, Team USA has had the fastest time overall in the Island Stones so far with 2 minutes flat. They have had the best distance in the All strength Stone Walk (Phil Pfister and Jon Anderson), the fastest time in the 4 Man Sudan Walk with 33 seconds. Also, Team USA and Team Canada have had the most reps on the log lift (13 reps) and, Steve Kirit and Van Hatfield were the only two athletes to clear the 100 pound implement on the wt. for ht.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS and ASA.

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