All Nations Challenge: Day 4, Part 2

The second part of Day 4 is Team Viking against Team Germany. For the first event, Team Germany only gets 4 implements with a time of 152.11 secs. Team Viking finishes with the black stone in a time of 203.06 for the win.

On the log lift, Team Germany finishes with 7 repetitions, so Team Viking comes out and does just enough for the win with 8 repetitions.

The third event is the throw for ht, and Team Germany is standing too far from the board to make the third wt. go over. They finish the throw with just two successful throws in a time of 23.77. Team Viking comes out with 3 successful implements in a time of 37.36 for their third win. It is clear that team Viking is dominating this contest.

The fourth event was the All Strength Stone Carry. Team Germany finished with a time of 309.8, but it was not enough to hold off the Vikings, who did just enough for the win, finishing with 337.0 for their fourth win.

The fifth event was the wrestling, and Team Germany was not going down without a fight with one successful win to Team Viking's two wins. This is the 5th win for Team Viking.

For the 6th event, the Pole Push, it was a matter of stamina and who could hold on the longest. Team Viking takes the first and second win out of three. This is the sixth consecutive win for Team Viking.

Team Germany only has three men to compete on the 4 man Sudan walk since Rheinholdt's hand is injured and infected. The three Germans move the implement 1', but they still have great spirits. Team Viking moves the four man Sudan Walk and finishes the complete course in 107.18 secs. They finish the day off with a perfect score of 7 to 0.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS and ASA.

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