All Nations . . .Polish Power Prevails

Dione Wessels gives us the scoop again from the All Nations strongman competition.

"Yesterday's finish was a blowout with Poland over Team Germany. Team Germany did not have a chance against them as they [Poland] totally dominated each event except the last in which they gave away without trying, since they knew they had the win. Team Ukraine won over Team Viking, but it was not a blow out."

Earlier, Dione had given us an update on Strongman Wrestling and on the Pole Push: "Team Ukraine dominates Team Viking in Strongman Wrestling. On the Pole push, Team Ukraine wins the best two out of three and also takes the win over all. Team Viking wins the 4 man Sudan walk with 153'3" over Ukraine that takes off with great speed, and just stops, and waves to the crowd at a distance of 65'3". Team Ukraine has a 4 to 3 win over Team Viking."

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