ASF Reply to WSM Challenge

Challenged to sort out how the WSF Strongmen Championships had come to be misrepresented as the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest, ASF founder Omid Amiri sent IronMind the following statement, which is reprinted verbatim, below:

Dear Randall

Thanks for your information and put our news in ironmind about IMG speaking about athletes , I should write that all of the strongmen people are free and they can choose and find which competition is real and which competition is strongmen, about my organization I register that in Asia by this name Asia strongmen federation , and in Asia we have 31 country members , we work with WSF federation and international power sports lTD that i founder this company (IPSC) from 2011,about our competition with my partner mr. vlad readkin with this name: 1st world strongmen championship in Abu Dhabi and this is mistake maybe from IMG that not good see our advertising in around the world news papers, magazine and over 54 international television that sending to us request for broadcastion to them television . So I will send for IMG information that our competition is real , used of the real equepments and standard with high quality discipline and real athletes and strongmen, not just TV Show for television !!! Again I will repaid that strongmen and athletes are free and they can select best option , offers and    tournument

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In further comments to IronMind, Omid Amiri added, “Thanks for your cooperation about our world strongmen Championship in abu dhabi that will take place in each years in UAE with 25 top athletes that they will select in our 10 stage world cup in around the world with cooperation with my best friend mr. Vlad Readkin . In our 10 stage we will select top 2 and we will plus 5 strongmen that they will select from Asia, Europe,ocean,Africa and USA .”

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