ASC Masters’ America’s Strongest Man/NAS Central USA

Club Fitness24 in Kokomo, Indiana is hosting the ASC Masters’ Americas’ Strongest Man contest on June 15 and “the winner will qualify for the Masters‘ Worlds to be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland August 24–25,” Chad Coy told IronMind.

“Brad Dunn is returning to defend his title and those looking to knock him off are Karl Gillingham, Matt Metheney, Mike Gill, Jefferson Meadors, Bryan Neese, and Chad Coy.  Last year Brad could not go to World's so Chad Coy took his place and took 2nd.  This year America could have two men headed to worlds since making the podium gets you invited back!,” said Coy.

Later that day, the the 16th edition of the NAS Central USA Strongman/Strongwoman Challenge will take place in what Coy called “the Granddaddy of American Strongman [and][ the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research.

“During the day local health care professionals will be performing free health screenings...including free breast exams, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body composition, and BMI,” said Coy.

The events will be: farmers walk, yoke walk, log press, train wheel dead lift, keg load medley and the stones of strength.


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