ASC: America's Strongest® Man Leads to Mr. Olympia Strongman

Telling IronMind®, "This is a big milestone for ASC," American Strongman Corporation (ASC) president Dione Wessels put this contest in perspective.

ASC brings strongman to the Olympia. IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Dione Wessels.
ASC brings strongman to the Olympia. IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Dione Wessels.

"I think that this adds to the other big shows out there. In reference to ASC, we are looking forward to growing the Olympia Strongman event every year in Las Vegas. Since the Olympia is the mecca of all bodybuilding shows, having the top Americans at this event not only puts the ASC athletes in front of the world, but also the sport of strongman. The Olympia will give the athletes more opportunities to get their names out there to grow a broader fan base. We are extremely excited to be a part of the Olympia and are looking forward to growing the event each year," said Wessels.

ASC vice president Mike Johnston emphasized the 'coast-to-coast' nature of ASC live. "As always, this is a show based on merit, with the top ten ASC athletes from America's Strongest Man® getting the ten spots at the Olympia."

Wessels said that all expenses will be paid for these ten competitors and the minimum prize list will be $15,000 in cash.

For more details, please check the Mr. Olympia and the ASC websites, as well as this column.

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