4th Annual IronMind Grip Classic

The 4th annual IronMind Grip Classic was held last week in Valhalla Gym in Tvedestrand, Norway and the contest organizer Eirik Ingebretsen reported that they had a great competition in the old training facility of Svend Karlsen. 

“Although no foreigners dared to show up, we had a great lineup of Norwegian athletes,” said Ingebretson. “For instance, we had four guys that held the Captains of Crush (CoC) Silver Bullet for over 20 seconds. 

"The women’s class was dominated by Janne Grandalen, as she was the only female athlete: She had great lifts of 53 kg on the Rolling Thunder, and was 1 inch away from locking out 100 kg on the Apollon’s Axle.  It was a great event, which hopefully recruit more Norwegian grip athletes. I would like to thank Proteinfabrikken who sponsored t-shirts and supplements as prizes.”

Ingebretsen and IronMind Grip Classic promoter Jyrki Rantanen have been “in talks about the future of IronMind grip events in Scandinavia and the goal is now to make national championships for men and women annually in Finland and Norway, along with extending the grip contest format to other Nordic countries,” said Rantanen. 

“The national championships are a great opportunity for new as well as for old talent to test their grip strength and perhaps try out to certifiy on the Crushed to Dust challenge along with the competitions.

“In addition, the IronMind Grip Classic will become the Scandinavian Championships starting next year, with guest lifter spots open to foreigners, too, and it will also remain as an extra event in major strongman/woman competitions as usual.”



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