27th Annual Kingsboro Arm Wrestling Championships

Come down to Coney Island on August 30 for some top arm wrestling as the 33rd Annual Brighton Jubilee Festival will host the battle for Brooklyn’s Strongest Arm.

Looking for Brooklyn’s Strongest Arm.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Gene Camp.

Looking for Brooklyn’s Strongest Arm.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Gene Camp.

“More than 100 men and women will compete for Brooklyn’s prestigious Kingsboro Golden Arm Wrestling Championship titles and the overall male will be crowned Brooklyn’s Strongest Arm and receive a $500 MVP cash prize,” said New York Arm Wrestling founder Gene Camp.

Entry fees are modest, spectators can watch for free and “there are no residency requirements,” so if you’ve got a mighty arm, roll up your sleeve and join in the action.  Once again, White Castle is backing this competition, but don’t think this is just a fun, big-deal local competition - it’s a fun, big-deal international competition as Gene Camp said, “I expect some of the best arm wrestlers in the world to compete for this unique Brooklyn title.”

For details, please visit the NYAWA website.

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