2015 US World Grip Championships

Jaana Tanner pulls a Finnish record on the Apollon’s Axle double overhand deadlift (109 kg) at the 2015 United Strongman World Grip Championships. IronMind® | ©Markku Wiik/www.heavyevents.fi

United Strongman’s 2015 World Grip Championships took place and Jyrki Rantanen reported on the action for IronMind.

2015 US World Grip Championships
by Jyrki Rantanen, United Strongman

The competition is over and it was wonderful day with athletic performances full of energy.

In the women's class Jaana Tanner edged out former IronMind Grip Classic winner Anu Rytkönen and Leena Nurminen in the tough competition. Jaana produced a new Finnish record of 109 kg in Apollon's axle and we also sending material for IronMind to check if our Block results will be taken as a new world record for women.

In the men's class we had 9 men from 4 different nations and in the end the first world champion under our anti-doping programmed system was Norway's Eirik Bruun Ingebretsen, who edged out Juha Lehtimäki and Jouni Mähönen by a few points.

One of the dark horses of the competition was Niko Laine from Finland—Niko is the reigning world champion in -90kg class in WHEA strongmen and even without testing half of the events, he won one event and took 5th in overall.

The competitors were really happy about the day and we are waiting to see more competitors and countries in for 2016 version of US World Grip Championships.

The day included also Diamondgirl™ competition, which was won by Maria Juvas and 1st Finnish Mas-Wrestling championships with winners of Roland Wahlsten and Jaana Tanner.

US World Grip Championships 2015


1. Jaana Tanner 7
2. Anu Rytkönen 11
3. Leena Nurminen 12


1. Eirik Ingebretsen, NOR 20,5
2. Juha Lehtimäki, 22
3. Jouni Mähönen, 24
4. Riku Karu, EST 24.5
5. Niko Laine 29.5
6. Arto Joronen, 30
7. Lucas Lindström 32
8. Karl M Skejvik, NOR 36
9. Jurgen Garshall, AUT 51.5

Top Performances
IronMind Apollon’s Axle: Jaana Tanner 109kg (Finnish record)/ Riku Karu 185kg
IronMind Little Big Horn: Jaana Tanner/Leena Nurminen 50kg/ Jouni Mähönen/Arto Joronen 90kg
Captains of Crush (CoC) Silver Bullet: Anu Rytkönen 23.19 / Jouni Mähönen 35.18
Block: Jaana Tanner 17kg / Arto Joronen 33kg
Ironhand: Anu Rytkönen 1.23 (75kg per hand)/ Niko Laine 25.00 (200kg total time one hand at the time)
One arm deadlift, bar in front of the legs, hook grip allowed, no knurling at the bar center Leena Nurminen/Jaana Tanner 110kg / Juha Lehtimäki 200kg


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