2015 Slavs Cup Strongman Competition

The Slovak Association of Strongman is hosting the Slavs Cup this coming Friday, in Zilina, Slovakia. IronMind® | Courtesy of the Slovak Association of Strongman

Returning from last year, the Slavs Cup strongman competition will be held once again in Hlinka square in Zilina, Slovakia this Friday, August 7. 

“In this event, only competitors from Slavic countries can take part,” Pavol Guga told IronMind, “ and competitors are invited by the Slovak Association of Strongman. The main referee will be Pavol Guga with the back up of Milan Gabrhel, the founder of the Slovak Association of Strongman.

“The event will also include fitness and karate exhibitions that will be very exciting!”

Start List
Slovakia: Igor Petrík, Marek Tóth, Maroš Kubovič, Branislav Golier
Czech republic: Čestmír Šíma, Lukáš Svoboda
Bulgaria: Konstantin Ilyin
Belarus: Volodymyr Cyfra
Poland: Rafal Kobylarz
Ukraine: Ivan Hryyhorovsky

Super Yoke
Car Deadlift
Atlas Stones for reps
Truck Pull
Conan wheel

This contest builds on the Slavic traditions in strength sports and for more info at Facebook fanpage: Slovakstrongman.


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