2013 Norway Open Mas Wrestling Championship

“The 2013 Norway Open Mas Wrestling Championship was a very well organized and attended event held this past weekend at Grisen Storsenter in Tvedestrand, Norway,” Mas Wrestling USA’s Odd Haugen told IronMind today.

Sweden’s Anders Lindblad (left) and Clay Edgin (USA) go at it in the 2013 Norway Open Mas Wrestling Championships.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Mas Wrestling USA

The contest had 31 athletes, representing 4 countries: Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States. 

“The Norwegians held their own and took home most of the medals,” Haugen said.  Only the two visitors from the birthplace of Mas wrestling, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), broke into the medal count and they did it with style: both Tatiana Grigor and Vasiili Alekseev won gold medals.   Also, Vasiili Alekseev won a hard -ought battle against 105kg+ Champion Henrik Hildeskor of Norway to become the Men's Absolute Champion.  

“Kudos to Knut Bjorvatn and team for a well produced championship. 

“Planning is already taking place for the 2014 Norway Open MAS Wrestling Championship in  July, to pick the Norwegian team for the 2014 MAS Wrestling World Championship to be held in Russia in November,” said Haugen.

2013 Norway Open MAS Wrestling Championship: Results

Men +105 kg (Open)
1. Henrik Hildeskor

2. Atle Tveit
3.Odd Haugen

Men -105 kg
1.Vasilii Alexeev
2. Bjørn Ove Einarsen
3. Christopher Bjørnsen

Men -90 kg
1. Glenn Bjørnsen
2. Kenneth Andersen
3. Lars Eirik Gran

Men -80 kg
1. Lars Eirik Gran
2. Geir Dåbu

Women +70 kg (Open)
1. Tatiana Grigor 

2. Anna Lill Gjedrum Sigvad
3. Irene Andersen

Women -70 kg
1. Christina Sundby
2. Gry Anita Opdal

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