2013 HSMA Hungary’s Strongest Man

Francis Brebner has reported on the on the 2013 HSMA Hungary’s Strongest Man contest for IronMind.

2013 Hungary’s Strongest Man
by Francis Brebner

This past weekend in Sobri Adventure Park in Hungary, ten of the Hungary's strongest men battled it out for the 2013  HSMA Hungarian Strongest Man title which was promoted by Adam Daruzs.
This biggest favorite going into this competition was Zsolt Szabó the current defending Champion and a winner of the title three times.  Ákos Nagy, the winner of the Giants Live Budapest and World Strongest man competitor, and the "dark horse" of the competition was the twenty two year old athlete Tamás Hajnal, who has won the Hungarian Team Championship for the past three years..

A total of six very heavy events were to be contested for the title which was all done in this one day championship.  The weather was perfect which was nice for the filming of the event, which was shot in  six different locations for  Sport 1 TV.

First event got under way with the log for max weight: Zsolt Szabó and Ákos Nagy tied with 165kg  Ákos come very close to the 170kg.

Next event with the farmer’s walk which was a total weight of a 140kg in each hand.  This was done over a course of 40m in the fastest time with Zsolt winning with a time of  30.8 seconds; Tamás Hajnal was second with 44.53 and Lóránt Csikós third with 73.17.

In the 56-lb. weight over the bar, both Szabó and Nagy made a new Hungarian strongman record with a height of 16' andTamás Hajnal was the third with 14'5".

Moving onto the deadlift hold with a VW Transporter, it was Szabó that notched up his second win with a time of 50.05.

The Atlas stones (which was series of Stones weighing from 128 kg, 144 kg, 128 kg, 144 kg, 177 kg) was won by Tamás Hajnal with a time of 17.74 for four stones and unfortunately for Szabó, he placed a disappointing last place due to a bicep injury sustained during the event.

Going into the last event of the competition with the deadlift,  Hajnal Tamas was the leader with a one and a half point advantage over Szabó and five points over Nagy.

The car deadlift (320 kg) was done for reps and  only four athletes succeeded in lifting the car: Szabó won with a total of seven reps, Nagy was second with four reps and Hajnal was in third place with two reps.

Adam Daruzs concluded in saying he was very pleased with the whole event and with the athletes who gave 110% in every event which made for a climactic finish between the top three athletes going into the last event.

Overall results:

1. Zsolt Szabo 51.0
2. Tamas Hajnal 50.5
3. Akos Nagy 47.0
4. Laszlo Biro 30.5
5. Zoltan Ladamerczki 30.0
6. Zolt Endrei 26.0
7. Robert Nemeth 24.0
8. Istavan Biro 23.0
9. Lorant Csikos 20.0
10. Adam Vinkler 5.0


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