2013 GripTopz Championships

David Horne’s 2013 GripTopz Championships was held at six locations worldwide yesterday, open to both men and women, with a total of 46 competitors.

Eric Roussin (Canada) won the men’s open class, with Ivan Beritashvili (Russia) coming in second and Sandro Eusebio (Portugal) coming in third.  The top three in the men’s 74-kg class were Taneli Levo (Finland), Dmitry Motorin (Russia) and Darrin Shallman (USA).

Elizabeth Horne (England) won the women’s class, followed by Susana Ferreira (Portugal) and Yvonne Hakkinen (Finland). 

Asked about the different bodyweight classes for men, David Horne explained, “For the lighter classes I rotate around a few of the classes available, giving the guys at different weights a chance. For example in this year's Britain's Strongest Hands contest we have the 93k class, and for the World's in August the lighter class is the 83k class.  

These are the men's classes available.  Men: 59k, 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120k+.

"In all contests all competitors are weighed, and their respective lifts can count towards a record in that weight class. Here are the World Records page - enjoy!,” said Horne.


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