2012 Dordrecht Keltfest Highland Games

Francis Brebner filed a report on Dordrecht Keltfest Highland Games, which were the Dutch open championships.

2012 Dordrecht Keltfest Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
Pieter Karst Bouma was on great form this past weekend, winning the Netherlands open championships at the Dordrecht Keltfest Highland Games, the second games in the Dutch championships series. 
The heavy hammer was a very close competition, with Jimmy de Walle nailing the first win with a throw of 95’ 5”.  Bouma was second with 92’ 9” and Raynor Wortel third with 79’ 7”.
In the 28-lb. weight for distance, Bouma reigned supreme with a dominating throw of 73’ 2”, followed by de Walle with 69’ 6” and Dave Mossing with 67’ 7”.
The 22-lb. Braemar stone was a real dingdong battle, with the win eventually going to Mossing at 38’ 2”, with de Walle taking second at 37’ 7” and Bouma third at 36’ 9”.
In the caber toss, using a 17’ long, 110-lb. stick, only two athletes turned the caber.  Bouma won with an 11:59 effort, with de Walle in second with 12:04 and Wortel in third with an 85 degree attempt.
In the final event of first day’s competition, the 56-lb. weight over the bar, Bouma was the victor with a very impressive height of 16’ 4”.  Mossing did 15’ 9” for second and de Walle 14’ 4” for third.
The second day of competition started with the 16-lb. hammer, a thrilling event to watch as Bouma and de Walle went at it tooth and nail.  Bouma’s magnificent throw of 120’ 3” was good for the win, leaving de Walle in second at 116’ 3” and Wietze Rosier in third with 111’ 8”.
The 56-lb. weight for distance was another grand slam victory for Bouma with a distance of 36’ 1”.  In second place was Bjorn Verbrugge with 35’ 9”, and in third place de Walle with 34’ 5”.
In the 16-lb. open stone it was de Walle’s turn to impress with a winning putt of 50’ 2”.  Bouma was second with 47’ 9 and Johan Bruinsuma not far behind at 46’ 2”.
The same caber was used in the day-two caber toss, and Bouma clocked a perfect 12:00, followed by de Walle with 11:50.
The final event—the 42-lb. weight over the bar—was won by Bouma’s throw of 17’ 6”.  De Walle was second, also with 17’ 6” and Verbrugge third with 15’ 4”.
Overall placings:
1.  Pieter Karst Bouma
2.  Jimmy de Walle
3.  Dave Mossing
4.  Raynor Wortel
5.  Bjorn Verbrugge
6.  Johan Bruinsuma
7.  Wietze Rosier
8.  Sebastian Huijs

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