2011 US All-Round Weightlifting Nationals Set

“Today the 2011 United States All-round Weightlifting Association (USAWA) Nationals were approved by the USAWA Executive Board and the entry form is now available,” Thom Van Vleck reported to IronMind.

Al Meyers knocks off a 440-lb. Zercher Lift.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Al Meyers.
Al Meyers knocks off a 440-lb. Zercher Lift.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Al Meyers.

“Next year's Nationals will be hosted by the Jackson Weightlifting Club and will be held in Kirksville, Missouri.  Six lifts have been selected for this year's Nationals out of the hundreds of lifts that the USAWA keeps records on.  Those lifts include the Dumbbell Snatch, the Cheat Curl, the Pullover & Push, the Deadlift (12" base), the Continental to the Chest (thick bar), the Zercher lift.

Van Vleck, who is president of the Jackson Weightlifting Club President, said, "We are honored to have been chosen by the USAWA to host the nationals and we will make every effort to make this a top notch competition.  Our goal is to have the best attended nationals in the 20 plus year history of the organization".

According to its official statement, “The USAWA promotes the sport of Old Time Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Weight Lifting in a Drug Free Environment.”

More information on the USAW and for the official entry form, please visit www.usawa.com


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