2011 Ossweil International Highland Games

The Highland Games continue to spread across Europe and Francis Brebner has filed a report with IronMind on the International Highland Games from Ossweil, Germany.

2011 Ossweil International Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
Records tumbled at the recently held International Highland Games in the town of Ossweil, Germany.  A great success, this event was organised by Uli Müller and it attracted athletes from all over Europe.
In the amateur A group, Germany’s David Frey won over Gunnar Pfingsten after a very hard tussle, with Austrian Martin Schiller placing third overall and throwing two new Austrian records in the hammers.
The opening event was the 16-lb. open stone, which was won by Pfingsten in a clear victory with a winning put of 47’ 9” over Frey who placed second with 45’ 1”.  In third was Holger Karch with 41’ 9”.
The following event, the 22-lb. Braemar stone, was again won by Pfingsten with a put of 34’ 7”, with Frey in second place at 31’ 6” and Schiller in third spot at 28’ 1”.
The 16-lb. hammer was a close match between Frey and Schiller, with Frey prevailing at a distance of 118’ 11’.  Schiller was still a happy man, placing second with his throw of 116’ 3-3/4”, which set a new Austrian record.  In third place was Daniel Dorow at 113’ 8”.
Not content with one, Schiller set his second Austrian record of the day with the 22-lb. hammer, winning this time with a distance of 98’ 6”.  Frey followed in second at 93’ 9-3/4” and Dorow again took third at 92’ 6”.
The 28-lb. weight for distance was a clear win for Frey with a superb throw of 78’ 5”, setting a new German record.  In second was Pfingsten with 72’ 9”, and in third, Dorow at 63’ 9”.
Frey also took the next event, the 56-lb. weight for distance, with a throw of 38’ 11”; leaving second for Pfingsten at 31’ 2” and third for Dorow at 28’.
Going into the last two events, the points were close between the top two athletes.  Pfingsten was the victor in the weight for height at 14’ 4”.   Frey did 13’ 7” for second and Schiller 12’ 4” for third.
The caber was turned by only one athlete and that was young Dorow of Germany.  Schiller was second and Frey was third judged on degrees.
Final points:

1. David Frey 33.0
2. Gunnar Pfingsten 27.0
3. Martin Schiller 21.5
4. Daniel Dorow 18.0
5. Holger Karch 15.5

The masters’ 40+ class had a very strong lineup of athletes, making for a close competition.  The victory finally went to Hans-Dieter Dorow, who won over the Games organizer Uli Müller, who placed second.
In the Amateur B group, over ten French athletes took part, with the victory going to Germany's Rolf Haas, the former American football player; he won with 106.5 points over France’s Amine Amroun, who placed second with 103 points.


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