2010 World’s Strongest Man Qualifier: Giants Live - Ukraine

Giants Live—the official qualifying tour for the World’s Strongest Man contest—is set for the Ukraine this coming Sunday, May 30, tour director Colin Bryce told IronMind® today.

Here is the official start list:

Johannes Arsjo, Sweden
Laurence Shahlaei, UK
Derek Poundstone, USA
Branislav Golier, Slovakia
Warrick Brandt, Australia
Rob Frampton, UK
Konstyantin ilin Ukraine
Oleksandr Klyushev, Russia
Jarek Dymek, Poland

An additional competitor from the Ukraine will be named, Bryce said.

The events are:

1. Yoke: 410 kg, 25 m for time (pair event)
2. Arm-over-arm: (pair event)
3. Viking press: 140 kg for reps, 60-second time limit
4. Car deadlift: 330 kg for reps, 60-second time limit (pair event)
5. Conan's wheel
6. Dumbbell press:  95 kg for reps, 90-second time limit (pair event)
7. Atlas stones: 120, 140, 170, 180, 200 kg, 60-second time limit 

Veteran strongman promoter/television producer "Olena Kiba is the main organizer," Bryce told IronMind®.

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