2010 Washington’s Strongest Apple: Big Hit and NAS National Championships Qualifier

Speaking of this weekend’s Washington’s Strongest Apple strongman contest, organizer Grant Higa told IronMind®, "We had 42 competitors, including 3 women . . . the top 3 in each weight class qualified for the NAS National Championships in November.”

For non-locals, the name of this contest always raises eyebrows because it is held in Des Moines, but this is Des Moines, Washington.

“It was a beautiful day on the marina, and you could even see the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the distance, Higa said.  “A big thank you to Dione Wessels who flew in for scorekeeping, and to Corey St. Clair for coming to help with emcee duties and lifting exhibitions.

“The city of Des Moines is very happy with our promotion, and they look forward to moving us to the new special events area next year!"

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