2010 Gaspari Nutrition All-American Strongman Challenge: Final Scores

IronMind® has received the official scores from this weekend’s Gaspari Nutrition All-American Strongman Challenge at the Bodybuilding.com/Los Angeles FitExpo.

Here are the official final scores for the whole field:

1. Nick Best 70.0
2. Mark Felix 64.0
3. Louis-Philippe Jean 59.0
4. Josh Thigpen 56.0
5. Terry Hollands 53.5
6. Robert Sczepanski 50.0
7. Marhshall White 49.5
8. David Ostlund 42.0
9. Karl Gillingham 41.5
10. Andy Vincent 39.5
11. Jerry Pritchett 36.0
12. Corey St. Clair 26.0
13. David Hansen 22.0
14. Odd Haugen 15.0

Also, while strongman contests traditionally take some liberties with the announced weights of the implements, Odd Haugen prides himself on having everything weighed beforehand in his contests, and announcing the actual weights.  For the record, Odd Haugen asked IronMind® to note that that the Giant Frame used for the deadlift hold, which had originally been announced as weighing 400 kg, actually weighed 420 kg.

How'd he know? 

Odd said that the guys in his gym had chipped in and given him a precise industrial scale for his birthday, about a week ago.  "There is nothing they could have given me that I would have enjoyed or appreciated more," Odd said.  "We've destroyed every scale we've ever had before."

"I'd expected someone to win with over 30 seconds," Odd said of the deadlift hold, "but we had two guys go over 20 seconds."  Josh Thigpen won the event (21.62 seconds), edging out Rolling Thunder® world record holder Mark Felix (20.84 seconds).  Corey St. Clair was third (18.72 seconds), and from there, times fell off dramatically.

And now for the million-dollar question.

"Are you sticking with 420 kg or will you roll back to 400 kg next time?," IronMind® asked Odd.

"We're sticking with 420 kg."

When it comes to strongman, the name Haugen and the word heavy are synonymous.




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