2010 FIBO Strongman Champions League Update

“I have some news for you for the FIBO,” Heinz Ollesch told IronMind® today, as he prepares for the fourth edition of the FIBO ClassX strongman contest.

“Florian Trimpl, the German champion from 2009, can’t compete because of a flu,” Ollesch said.  “Patrik Baboumian will replace him; he recently broke the German record in the log lift (180 kg).

“We also have a very nice trophy sponsor—Joska Kristall—and it’s the same factory that makes the [crystal] trophies for the Arnold Classic.  We also have an automatic watch from Engelhardt for the winner of the fourth FIBO Strongman ClassX.

“It’s the fourth time now I organise the FIBO ClassX,” said Ollesch, “and I am very happy to have this year a [Strongman] Champions League contest.  Let’s hope now that there will be no problems of the flights because of the Icelandic volcano.”

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