2010 Belarus Open Strongman Cup

Vlad Redkin is continuing to develop strongman in Belarus, with both an open and an amateur contest coming up on Saturday—the open contest in the nation’s capital, Minsk, Redkin told IronMind today.

Here is the official lineup for the Belarus Open Strongman Cup 2010 in Minsk:

1. Tarmo Mitt – Estonia
2. Ritvars Noviks – Latvia

3. Sergiu Mirzenco – Moldova

4. Hamza Primov – Uzbekistan
5. Shomshod Sadikov - Uzbekistan
6. Dmitry Tishecky – Ukaraine
7. Sergey Vachinsky – Belarus
8. Alex Lapirev – Belarus
9. Alex Zaicev – Belarus
10. Alex Klepcha – Belarus

This will be a 5-event contest:

1. Log lift for reps:120 kg
2. Farmer's walk: 2 x 140 kg, 50 m
3. Tire flip: 370 kg
4. Conan's wheel: 350 kg
5. Atlas stones: 5 stone 125 – 180 kg

It’s a big holiday in Minsk, Redkin told IronMind, so he is expecting a large turnout, and he said, “This contest will be broadcast on Belarus and Latvian TV.”

The first stage of the 2010 Belarus Strongman Cup was held in June and while Redkin continues to work to develop open contests, he is active at the grassroots level, too:  Also on this Saturday, he is holding a strongman contest in Gomel, where, he said, “eight local athletes will fight in 5 events.”

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