2009 World’s Strongest Man Qualifiers: Event 1

Unofficially, IronMind® has received partial results from the first event in the 2009 World’s Strongest Man qualifiers.

Although these results are unofficial and incomplete, IronMind® believes they are accurate, and all groups have completed the first event in the qualifying round of the 2009 World’s Strongest Man contest.

Group 1: Poundstone wins, Nee is sixth
Group 2: Savickas wins, Shaw is second and Felix is third, Skog is sixth
Group 3: Pfister wins, Pudzianowski is second and Sadler is fourth
Group 4: Arsjo wins, Shahlaei is second, Ortmayer is third and Skog is fourth
Group 5: Murumets wins, Hollands is second and Ostlund is fifth

Hardcore World’s Strongest Man fans should keep their eyes on the official World’s Strongest Man site for updates, and IronMind® will continue to pass along news as well.

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