2009 Strongman Champions League Final Points . . . More on Mikhail Koklyaev

Strongman Champions League (SCL) co-founder Marcel Mostert has given IronMind® the final points from the 2009 season, as well as some comments on the Mikhail Koklyaev, who was involved a car accident that resulted in a fatal injury to a pedestrian.

Here are the official total points from all athletes who finished in 2009.
TOTALS STANDINGS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE per 31-10-2009  (7 stages):

1 Andrus Murumets (Estonia) 105
2 Agris Kazelniks (Latvia) 68
3 Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania) 60
4 Ervin Katona (Serbia) 48
5 Michail Koklyaev (Russia) 40
6 Jimmy Laureys (Belgium) 39
7 Martin Wildauer (Austria) 38
8 Konstantin Ilin (Ukraine) 29
9 Travis Ortmayer (USA) 27
10 Alexander Klyushev (Russia) 22
11 Mark Felix (England) 22
12 Terry Hollands (England) 21
13 Richard vd Linden (Holland) 19
14 Vidas Blekaitis (Lithuania) 15
15 Matt Wanat (USA) 15
16 Jani Kohlemainen (Finland) 12
17 Juan Carlos Herredia (Spain) 12
18 Branislav Golier (Slovakia) 12
19 Simon Sulaiman (Syria) 11
20 Jarek Dymek (Poland) 10
21 Gregor Stegnar (Slovenia) 9
22 Jarno Hams (Holland) 7
23 Gabor Forgacs (Hungary) 7
24 Levi Veoga (New Zealand) 7
25 Janne Hartikainen (Finland) 7
26 Oleksandr Lashyn (Ukraine) 6
27 Zsolt Szabo (Hungary) 6
28 Ville (Finland) 6
29 Daniel Wildt (Germany) 6
30 Etienne Smit (South Africa) 5
31 Tom Jansen (Holland) 5
32 Zdenek Sedmik (Czech) 5
33 Sergey Romanchuk (Ukraine) 4
34 Fabrice Barbier (France) 4
35 Oliver Gratzer (Austria) 4
36  Jack Krajewski (Spain) 4
37 Vladimir Glushko (Russia) 3
38 Radojca Marinkovi (Serbia) 3
39 Igor Miztrovic (Serbia) 2
40 Pavel Jambor (Slovakia) 2
41 Frantisek Piros (Slovakia) 1





















 Marcel Mostert told IronMind® that he, “has spoken with various persons who are close involved with the case of Misha Koklyaev.  I can assure that Misha is not in prison at all, as some people say,” reported Mostert, “and that he is training very hard again.”

“He wants to compete in the 2010 Arnolds. Further, his case is still under investigation, and it turns out that there was no alcohol in his blood.  Now all parties are looking how this accident happened.
“I’m sure that all will be fine for Misha in 2010 and we hope that he can compete very soon in our Champions League again.  Misha still ended at 5th place in SCL 2009, despite his injury at [the midpoint] of the season!,” Mostert told IronMind®.


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