2009 Pacific Weightlifting Association Championships

The PWA is one of the powerhouses in American weightlifting history - producing Tommy Kono, Ken Patera, Bruce Wilhelm, Mario Martinez and Jim Schmitz, among others - and tomorrow, Sacramento High School will host the 2009 PWA Championships, so don't expect this to be an ordinary local weightlifting contest.

"We are are running a two-platform meet, so that should help, but we are expecting upwards of 150 athletes," Paul Doherty told IronMind® as he explained the challenges of staying on schedule.

Among the competitors who will be getting a lot of attention is Sacramento High student Donovan Ford, who is expected to be challenging his PR clean and jerk as he continues his move up the ladder. Donovan Ford "is currently third on the list for the Junior World team with much bigger lifts to come," Doherty said.

Lifting begins at 9:00 a.m. and you can go to the PWA Championships website for all the details.

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