2008 Quebec Cup Strongman Series: Official Results

IronMind® has received the official results of the 2008 Quebec Cup strongman series, courtesy of Hugo Girard.

Overall results for the 2008 Quebec Cup:

1. Christian Savoie 356.5 points
2. Louis-Philippe Jean 344.5 points
3. Jessen Paulin 341 points
4. Jean-Francois Caron 294 points
5. Martin Primeau 225.5 points
6. Corey St-Clair 215.5 points
7. Carl Falardeau 132 points
8. Jose Plante 128.5 points
9. Guillaume Dupuis 120.5 points
10. Claude Verrier 113 points
11. Guillaume Rioux 103 points
12. Daniel Gagne 96.5 points
13. Jason Cullin 27 points

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