2005 Southern California Iron Grip Decathlon Challenge

Calling all SoCal grip guys: Kevin Meskew will be hosting a 10-event grip contest at the Power Palace (Chatsworth, California) next Saturday.

There are multiple weight classes and age groups, so jump in and have some fun. The events are:

1. Captains of Crush® Grippers
2. Dynamometer
3. Smooth plate curl
4. IronMind® Apollon's Axle™ deadlift
5. Wrist roll
6. IronMind® Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block
7. IronMind® Hub
8. IronMind® Rolling Thunder®
9. 3.5" 1-hand dumbbell deadlift
10. Deadlift for time

Order and events subject to change; bring your favorite music (DVD); late entry fee waived. Please email Kevin Meskew for details: warrior01@earthlink.net.

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