2005 Pacific Northwest Weightlifting Championships

The action starts tomorrow at 11 am at the IronWorks Gym in Cresswell, Oregon (outside of Eugene) for the 2005 Pacific Northwest Weightlifting Championships, and this is going to be a pretty special meet.

Well-known weightlifting coaches John Thrush and Steve Gough are both planning to bring lifters, adding to the great weightlifting environment created by the local team of Jon and Gene Joseph, owners of the IronWorks Gym, and Tom Hirtz, head of the weightlifting program at the Lane County Juvenile Justice Center.

If that's not enough reason to be there, get this: Mike Karchut is going to be there, so pull out your road map and we'll see you there tomorrow:

IronWorks Gym
600 Dale Kuni Road
Suite 110
Cresswell, Oregon

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